Who is Mevrouw Bouw?

My name is Ellen Kamerbeek and my business operates under the name Mevrouw Bouw. I am a cultural anthropologist and building expert. I received my Masters degree at Vrije University in 1986 and then completed the beginners and advanced programmes in carpentry.

I worked for ten years as a carpenter on new building sites and renovation projects for several contractors. For the next six years I worked as a preparatory worker on building sites and as an advisor for potential home owners. In 2004 I graduated from the Higher Technical Institute as a building expert. In 2006 I worked as an advisor at 'De Regie', an organisation specialising in private building projects. I am now, and have been since 2007, an independent entrepreneur in the area of construction work, working on various projects for companies and private owners.

Mevrouw Bouw, ie Ellen Kamerbeek, has a passion for construction whose expertise and experience can contribute to beautiful building projects.