Responses of clients
Jan Peter Pellemans and Harm Jan Kinkhorst, Amsterdam
We have already asked Ellen twice to help us with our renovation plans and both times it was to our satisfaction. A thorough preparation, a strategic approach to contractors and suppliers and a very trustworthy cooperation with us. For us it was extremely satisfying to know we were making the right decisions in a large renovation process, based on Ellen’s advice.

Saskia van As & Marijke Tros, Amsterdam
“Without Ellen the renovation would have been extremely stressful for us. Of course: to invite an advisor costs money. But without Ellen’s advice we would have spent a lot more.”

The renovation of our new house was bound to become an enormous project. Friends of us warned us that a project like this was always much more expensive than anticipated and would take much longer than we would have thought… Did we really know what we were going in for? No, we realized we didn’t really know. So, we decided to search for someone who could help us out and we choose for Ellen Kamerbeek. That has turned out to be a golden decision. Without Ellen the renovation would have given us lots of stress. Read more

Maria Kuwahara-Smolders, Tokyo-Amsterdam
When we discovered in 2011 that we had a problem with fungus in the crawl space of our house we panicked. How are we going to handle this? Which procedures do we have to follow? How do we find the best contractor? We didn't have a clue where to begin, all the more because we were living abroad and we had to arrange it from a large distance. Read more