Ellen made a detailed estimate. She also suggested where to economise in our plans, so we could stay within our budget. And she helped us in the process to choose a trustworthy contractor.

She looked carefully at the quotes we received. Because of her construction background Ellen realized when a contractor did not give a serious quote, when he offered more than was needed or when he charged too much. She negotiated with the contractors and got fair prices. We would never have managed this on our own!

During the renovation Ellen went to the house regularly to check on progress made. Because we have regular jobs, we simply did not have time to do that ourselves. Moreover, we donít know anything about construction, so how were we to know when things went wrong? Ellen knows about these things and she told us when it was time to make sure that vague ideas were turned into realistic decisions, like what is the exact place of sockets and radiators, etc. She also kept an eye on extra costs for unforeseen matters. But she also made sure that the contractor deducted costs for work not done.

All in all the renovation of our new house turned out so much better than expected. Despite the predictions from our friends the costs have stayed within our budget. And what is even better: we slept well during the entire renovation.

Of course, it costs money to invite someone to help during the process. But Ellen has been worth her weight in gold. back