Fortunately friends put us in touch with Ellen Kamerbeek. We phoned her during a holiday in Holland and we invited her for a introduction visit. Within a few minutes she was in the crawl space to check the problem. When we returned to Japan we felt a bit better, and the confidence we had in Ellen was never harmed. On the contrary, from early on she was a tower of strength during the entire renovation process, which lasted longer than we thought due to a lot of bureaucratic fuss.

Ellen requested quotations from various contractors and made a comparison. She communicated with the contractor, applied for permits at the municipality, arranged inspections and checked the bills. During the renovation process she visited the project regularly and kept a close eye on the quality of the work and if necessary she put her shoulder to the wheel. During the renovation process she supervised the work and took care that everything was done correctly. If it was not according to the agreement, she made sure that the contractor remedied things. During the delivery she noted all the minor defects to ensure that in the end everything would be perfect.

In brief, without Ellen we would not have known what to do, and thanks to her the renovation process was brought to a successful conclusion. back