Mevrouw Bouw?

"I would like to renovate my house, but I don't know if my ideas are realistic."

"An extra room in the attic would be ideal, but I am dreading the paperwork, like planning permission, and architects can make me believe anything."

"How am I to know if a quotation from the contractor is correct? Is he charging too much and is he to be trusted?"

"I am not going to renovate my house as I simply can't take days off all the time."

"My (new) house will be delivered and I would like to be assisted by a construction engineer."

Do you recognize this? Are you planning a renovation, but are you hesitating how to proceed?

Mevrouw Bouw advises and can supervise your renovation. Partially, or from idea to completion, exactly according to your wishes. In the end it can save you a lot of stress and a lot of money as well.